We think it’s Spring…

It keeps snowing, but we’re up and running, open Monday – Saturdays now. We hope to start digging bareroot plants next week. Meanwhile, the greenhouses are filling up. Stop in, see what’s new, and pick up a price list. The photo is a hellebores that wintered outdoors all winter, under frost cloth. It’s one of the first perennials to bloom in the spring.

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Winter hours

The greenhouse is open all winter, with an extensive selection of succulents, ferns, terrarium plants and houseplants. We have gift certificates too. Our hours are shorter this time of year, but if they don’t work for you, give us a call. We’re usually around and happy to help you.img_0468

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Fall Sale!

retail-fallThat nip in the air means it’s time for our Fall Sale – we still have a big selection of nursery stock. Fall is a great time to plant – it’s easy on the plants, and gives you a head start on next year’s landscaping. Plant bulbs too – we have lots of tulips, daffodils and other bulbs for color early next Spring. Change out your planters for fall with mums, asters, and evergreens!

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Fall color has arrived

Mums and asters have arrived! We have lots of new fall color for your pots and flower beds – mums, asters, flowering kale, pansies. Add grasses and sedums for contrasting texture and colors. Fall is a great time to freshen up your home with color that will last through the season.mums

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Poplar Sale!

These are fast growing shade trees – they will grow 6′-8′ per year if given enough water. We carry Siouxland, Robusta, and Daly Seedless Shade and Theves Poplars. All are seedless, and except the Theves spread out into large shade trees. Theves is tall and narrow – great for screening out ugly views.IMG_0281

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Perennial Sale

perennial saleOver 500 varieties of perennials on sale through the end of July.

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rose houseOur roses are in full bloom and looking pretty darn good! Select from hardy shrub roses, hybrid teas, floribundas, hardy climbers, miniatures, tree roses and more – over 100 varieties in all.

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Peony season!

Peonies are starting to bloom – we have 20 varieties in stock. Peonies enjoy full sun and rich soil and will live for many years. Many are very fragrant.

Raspberry Sundae Peony

Raspberry Sundae Peony

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Mother’s Day Celebration!

Swingtime FuchsiaJoin us this weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day! On Saturday and Sunday we will have free 4″ fuchsias for all mothers who visit, and free espresso and italian sodas for all. Hanging baskets will be on sale.

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Flowering Crabapples

0235-7_MalusPrairifireCrabred.jpgThe crabapples are putting on quite a show this year! There are lots of colors and forms available. Some have no fruit, which is handy near a deck or sidewalk. Some have small persistant fruit that attract the birds, and some have fruit that makes wonderful ciders and jellies (try ‘Kerr’ or ‘Dolgo’).  Bareroot season is winding up this week.

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